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Horse racing betting terms australia map nj sports betting status of federal tax

Horse racing betting terms australia map

At most racecourses only people personally connected to the racehorses are permitted. Bit — part of the Bridle, the metal bar that is placed over the horses tongue. Black Book — reminder service that sends and email or SMS when a selected horse is due to race again. Free to members at Sportsbet. Bleeder - when a horse bleeds from the lungs after running. In Australia, a horse is banned from racing for 3 months after the first Bleeding Attack. If it happens again during a race the horse is banned from racing again in Australia for life.

Australian racing is drug free, medication to prevent bleeding is prohibited. Blinkers - USA Blinders hood that fits over the bridle with cups placed around the horse's eyes to restrict vision of other horses to the side and rear. The application of blinkers for the first time is considered a significant gear change that can improve form dramatically. Blinkers can also be one-eyed only. Bolter - on the track, a horse that is loose or out of control. In the betting ring, a horse at long odds.

Bookies set their own odds and you can also negotiate with them so they offer serious punters better value for their money. See our comprehensive guide to all Australian Bet Types. Box Seat — during a race, when a horse is racing just behind the leaders and one horse out from the fence. Bute - Anti-inflmmatory medication. All horse racing in Australia is drug free, so it must not be present in the horse on race day. Camel or Cat — a very slow horse. Camel Traders — European horse owners who bring their plodding stayers to Australia and sell them to optimistic locals hoping to win a Melbourne Cup.

Cast — If the horse throws a shoe before the race, either on the course or in the barriers, it may be replaced by the farrier prior to the race. Can also mean the horse has lain down in the barrier stalls. Run at Caulfield Racecourse in mid October, a metres race run with Handicap conditions.

Considered an important lead up race to the Melbourne Cup, the Caulfield Cup is a prestigious Group One event offering over two million dollars in prize money. Check - interference suffered by a horse during a race. If the interference is considered severe enough to have cost them an opportunity to win, they are entitled to lodge a protest against that runner if it finished ahead of them in the placings. Cherry — in greyhound racing, the number one dog which carries a red cloth.

Choked-Down — when a horse partially swallows its tongue during a race, making it difficult to breath. Claim - reduction in the amount of weight carried by a horse being ridden by an apprentice. If the race is non-claiming as in Group races , the apprentice cannot use their claim. Class - the grade of the race. Clerk of the Course - official often dressed in hunting red, sometimes riding a grey horse.

Duties include leading runners out to the start, assisting with difficult horses and capturing runaways. Melbourne's most popular clerk's horse was Melbourne Cup winner Subzero, who retired in June after 15 years service with Clerk Graham Salisbury. Coat-Tugger — someone who offers a punter a tip then demands a percentage of their winnings.

Colours silks - owners or trainers coloured jacket and cap worn by the jockey. When the horse's colours are unavailable for any reason, the jockey wears the club colours which in Melbourne are all white. Colourful — someone whose language is profane or whose behavior is slightly less than ethical.

Colt - a male horse 3 years and under which has not been gelded. Connections - a horse's owners and their representatives. Can also include anyone personally connected to the horse such as the jockey and training staff. Correct Weight - signaled by the Head Steward when the jockeys have weighed in correctly and no protests have been lodged. This is the all clear for bookies and tote to pay out on winning tickets.

Cricket Score Odds — very long odds, usually at least Cross-over Noseband - gear that prevents a horse from opening its mouth during a race. Daily Double - two races nominated by the TAB, in Victoria usually the third to last race and the last race. Dead - track rating which is just on the softer side of Good. In Melbourne when the weather is fine, the tracks are usually prepared to be Dead in the morning so they will be upgraded to Good at some point during the afternoon.

Dead-Heat - two or more horses that cannot be separated in a photo finish when they cross the line. If the dead-heat is for first, there is only one remaining place dividend for third. If the dead-heat is for second, there is no third dividend.

Deductions — reduction on the odds on offer when a horse is a late scratching just before the race. Dish Lickers — racing greyhounds. Dogs are Barking — a tip which has become common knowledge. A fourth place getter is included for betting on the First Four only, no place dividend is paid on the fourth place getter. Dour - an unexciting, plodding horse.

Often a stayer. Duet - a TAB bet for two more runners to finish anywhere in the first three. Duffer — a horse that is slow or unable to run well on certain track conditions a duffer in the wet. Emergency - Additional nominated runners are accepted but will only gain a run if others in the field are scratched.

Many Melbourne races are permitted Emergency runners, but there are no Emergencies allowed for the Melbourne Cup. Emu — a person who picks up discarded betting tickets in the hope of finding a live bet. Often seen on course or at the TAB after a successful protest. Entire — a male horse which has not been gelded. Even Time - m in 15 seconds during training workouts. Under race conditions the average time for m is 12 seconds. Farrier — a specialist in equine hoof care a blacksmith.

Fast - the firmest track rating but rarely seen in recent years, mainly because a Fast track in Australia is like concrete and racing clubs are working hard to ensure the tracks always have a little bit of give. Favourite - the most popular horse in betting and therefore the one who starts at the shortest odds. Feature Race - The highest rated race on the card, determined by the category of the race and the prize money.

Filly - a female horse 3 years and under. Firm — a horse is supported in betting and the odds have shortened. First Up - resuming from a Spell a break of 90 days or more. In the form guide, indicates how many times the horse has been placed when First Up. Fixed Odds - a bet where you agree to accept the odds at the time of placing your time, available from Sportsbet.

Early Fixed Odds betting on the Melbourne Cup is popular, as the odds on offer are bigger before the final field is declared. See "All-In". Fleeced - lost everything, had everything taken away, shorn like sheep. Flexi-Betting — to invest a smaller amount than the full dollar value of the bet to receive a reduced percentage of the final dividend. Available from Sportsbet. Fluctuation - the movements of the odds up or down in the betting ring.

See "Top Fluc". Fresh - a horse that is resuming from a brief rest from racing more than 28 days but less than 90 days has been 'freshened up'. Gelding - a male horse of any age which has been castrated. Get Out Stakes — the last race of the day. Giddy Goat - The Tote on and off course Totalisator.

Golden Slipper - one of the highlights of Australian autumn racing, the premier event of the Sydney Turf Club held at Rosehill Gardens. It is the world's richest race for two year old horses. Good - the ideal racing surface in Australia, not too firm or soft. When the weather is fine, most tracks are rated Good. Good Sort - a filly with nice conformation. Also a racehorse. Glue-on shoes - for a horse with hoof problems, a light aluminium shoe that is attached with tabs to the outside of the hoof.

Horses generally do not race as well in glue-on shoes as they do in racing plates. Green - a horse that shows inexperience during the running of a race. Greet the Judge — when a jockey returns to the mounting yard after winning a race, they acknowledge the judge by touching their cap. Grew another leg — the horse suddenly improved.

Gunner — a horse which is reluctant to win always looks like he's gunna' win, but he doesn't. Handicap - a race where weights are assigned by the handicapper according to a horses past performances in an effort to give every runner an equal winning chance. The Melbourne Cup is one of the most well known Handicap races in the world. Can be improved by the application of blinkers or a different bit.

Hold All Tickets — punters are advised not to throw away their bet slips until correct weight has been notified. Heavy - the slowest track rating in Australia. There are 3 levels of Heavy but once the rating is worse than Slow assume the conditions are very wet and muddy.

Hoop — a jockey. Horse — term for an entire not gelded male horse 4 years and over. Impost — the weight allocated for the horse to carry. In the money — the horse finished in a stakes paying position. In the red — odds in the bookies ring are very short, less than even money. Jackpot — surplus money from the pool from a previous race or an additional bonus added by the Tote. Jigger — an illegal electric device designed to shock a horse making it sprint faster.

Journo — a journalist. Knocked Up — the horse stopping racing the straight. Knuckled — the horse stumbled and almost fell on its knees. Late Mail — last minute tips that take scratchings, jockey changes and track conditions into consideration. Late Scratching — a horse that is withdrawn from the race after 8am on race day.

If the horse is withdrawn after betting on the race has commenced, there may be deductions in the final dividends. Lay — when a bookmaker offers better odds because they believe the horse cannot win. London to a brick on — very short odds, an extremely likely outcome. A punter would have to bet the whole of London to win one brick. Long Shot — a horse a long odds, unlikely to win. Length - approximately the length of a horse from nose to tail, used to determine the distance between runners in a race.

Lucky Loser — a bet which requires you to find a horse in each race on the card that will not run a place. Only from Sportsbet Lugging Bit - for horses that hang out to one side or 'lug' this bit is applied to make them more tractable. How does it work? How to Place a Bet? What are betting market percentages? How often are our odds updated?

Selling Tips How much can I earn from Tips sales? How does tip selling profit guarantee work? How does selling tips work? How do I get paid? What is the lock-out time? When do I receive my Black Book emails? Buying Tips How to purchase horse racing tips Do we refund purchased tips? How to find good horse racing tippers? What is a subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription? Tipping - The Basics How are profits calculated? Incorrect or Missing Information Why do tips close? General Responsible Gambling I won the tipping competition, how do I collect my prize? What does 'late entry' mean in Tipping Competitions? Can I change my username?

What do seller and loyalty ratings mean? How do I close my account? I forgot my password Didn't receive your confirmation email? How does the Punters Betslip work? How do I enter my tips? Why do tips change? Discussion Forum How do I create a new Forum discussion?

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The TAB is government regulated but privately operated in most states. Why Australian Horse Racing is different. Unlike many countries, the Australian racehorses saddlecloth number is not the same as the starting gate. Runners are ordered according to the weight they carry and the conditions of the race see below.

The maximum number of runners the Tote can accommodate is 24, most races in Victoria have between 8 to 15 runners. A minimum of 8 runners is required for three place dividends. Handicaps are not determined by ratings as they are in other countries. The minimum top weight at declarations is 58kgs, from January 1st the minimum low weight in an ordinary Handicap will be 54kgs, except in special races such as the Melbourne Cup and Caulfield Cup where the minimum is 50kgs.

The handicapper treats each race individually and handicaps each horse based on their recent form and merits. Categories of horse races in Australia:. Maiden — restricted to horses who have never won a race. Maidens are eligible to run in any class of race. Class 6 is for horses have won not more than six races. Restricted or Special Conditions - number of wins in the city or country, age, sex, prize money or colour e.

Handicap —where the handicapper has assigned weight and penalties based on past performance. The Melbourne Cup is a Group 1 handicap. Open — a race with no restrictions or special conditions. Flying — an open race, usually over m or less. Welter — an open race with a higher minimum weight, suitable for horses that would normally carry 7 or 8 kgs above the minimum in a handicap.

Stakes — can be subject to conditions, but offers higher prize money and usually a Listed or Group race. Quality Handicap — has higher maximum and lower minimum weights, usually a Listed or Group race. Weight For Age — weight is allocated based on the horses age and sex. Usually Group races. Due in part to the popularity of races such as the Golden Slipper Group 1 race for 2 year olds Australian thoroughbreds often begin racing at the age of 2 or 3.

Australian horses have their offical birthday on August 1st. During a campaign they may race once a week but usually every two to three weeks. In some instances such as at Flemington during the Spring Carnival runners can back up and run twice in the same week. Horses can race for as long as three or four consecutive months before going for a Spell a break of 90 days or more. It is rare for an Australian horse to race successfully beyond the age of 9.

Their First Up and Second Up record is displayed in some form guides. Box Trifecta: Usually four or five horses are "boxed" in a trifecta. If three of the horses selected all finish in the first three placings, the punter collects for a winning trifecta. Claim: A reduction in the amount of weight carried by a horse being ridden by an apprentice.

Coat-Tugger: Someone who offers a punter a tip then demands a percentage of their winnings. Connections: A horse's owners and their representatives or anyone personally connected to the horse such as the jockey and training staff. A fourth place getter is included for betting on the First Four only, no place dividend is paid on the fourth place getter. Each Way Odds: usually is four to one, you receive all your money back if it comes second or third as long as eight or more runners in race.

Emergency: Additional nominated runners are accepted but will only gain a run if others in the field are scratched. Entire: An ungelded horse. False Favourite: A horse that is favourite for the race but you consider another selection should be favourite. Favourite: The most popular horse in betting and therefore the one who starts at the shortest odds. Feature Race: The highest rated race on the card, determined by the category of the race and the prize money.

First Four: Select first four horses in the correct order in a pre selected race. First Up: A runner resuming from a spell, being a break from racing for 3 months or more. Flexi-Betting: To invest a smaller amount than the full dollar value of the wager and receive a reduced percentage of the final dividend.

Fluctuation: The movements of the odds of a runner moving up or down in the betting ring. Hang: The horse holds its head to one side during a race. Hurdle Race: Contested over obstacles. A jumping race over lower fences than steeplechase races.

Knocked Up: The runner stops racing in the straight usually due to a hard run in racing. Late Scratching: A runner that is withdrawn from the race after 8am on race day. Lay: When a bookmaker offers better odds because they believe the horse cannot win. Mounting Yard: The area where the horses are paraded before a race and jockeys take their mounts.

Nose-roll: A sheepskin roll attached to the bridle on the horses nose to keep the head in line with the body. Odds-Against: The prices in the betting ring are longer than even money e. Pacifiers: Hood with gauze eye covers to restrict the vision of an excitable horse. Paddock: Before the race the clerk of the course leads the horses from the saddling paddock to the mounting yard.

Photo Finish: A result so close it is necessary to use a finish-line camera to determine the winner. Place: This is when a horse runs either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and you receive a dividend. There must be eight runners or more. Protest: An objection lodged by the jockey, connections or the stewards regarding the outcome of a race. Quarantine: A process used to isolate foreign horses for a short period of time to ensure they are not carrying any diseases.

Ridden Upside Down: A horse did not race in the way that suits it best, e. Ring-In: A horse that has been illegally substituted for another acceptor in a race. Fine Cotton Ring-In. Strapper: The Groom, a person employed by the trainer to attend to a horse.

Duties may include feeding, grooming, riding at training and leading in the mounting yard. Suspension: The period of time a jockey or trainer is suspended due to an infraction of the rules of racing. Swooper: A horse that likes to finish on from the tail of the field at the end of the race.

Top Fluc: A bet accepting the odds which are the highest fluctuation in the betting ring. Unders: A runner whose odds are too short in relation to its chances of winning. Warned Off: A licensed person is forbidden from entering a racecourse or associating with other licensed people. Well-Held: The horse won easily without being fully extended. Win: Your selection crosses the line first and correct weight it given. Winkers: Sheepskin which attaches to the cheek straps of the bridle to keep the horses attention forward.

Write Your Own Ticket: The horse is so unlikely to win a bookie would give you any odds you asked for. These are only some of the words, terms and phrases you will hear in connection with Thoroughbred racing. There is an entire, second glossary with words we frequently use to describe almost every horse on which we Mugs have lost a Monkey betting on a horse that was Stone Motherless horse than finished last , but that second glossary is not fit for publication and might result in the Stewards racing officials handing us a Suspension ban.

Got it. Racing Articles. Advertiser Disclosure. Here is a sentence you might hear when you visit the track. Australian glossary of used horse racing terms. Acceptor: A horse whose connections have paid the acceptance fee for a race Added Weight: A horse carrying more weight than is required, eg, jockey exceeds the weight. Age Of Horse: Birthday of horse always on 1st August each year.

All In: A bet taken usually at fixed odds early in betting. Also Ran: A horse who finishes out of the money. Apprentice Claim: Weight concession to an apprentice rider. Apprentice Rider: Normally under contract to a stable, learning to ride. Backed Off The Map: A runner heavily backed in betting. Bagman: Bookmakers personel responsible for settling up on bets at racecourses. Barriers: The starting gates.

Bleeder: When a horse bleeds from the lungs during or after running. Broken Down: When a horse suffered an injury; lameness. Checked: A horse which receives some type of interference. Class: The grade of the race. Colt: A male horse 3 years and under and has not been gelded. Correct Weight: Placings in a race are official. Daily Double: Select the winner in two races. Dam: Female parent of a foal.

Dead Heat: Two or more horses finishing in an exact tie at the finish line. Dead Track: Racing surface lacking resiliency, just on the softer side of Good. Derby: A stakes race for 3YO's. Distanced: Well beaten, finishing a great distance behind the winner. Dwelt: Tardy in breaking from the gate. Each way: Have equal amount of money on the horse for a win and for a place.

Eased: The horse is backed off usually to find position in the race. Eligible: Qualified to start in a race, according to conditions. Exacta: Select the first two horses in a race in the finishing order. Extended: Running at top speed. False Favourite: A horse that is favourite for the race but you consider another selection should be favourite Farrier: A specialist in equine hoof care a blacksmith. Fast: The firmest track rating.

Field: The horses in the race. Filly: In most cases a filly is a female horse 3 YO's or under. Flat Race: Contested on level ground, not a hurdle race or steeplechase. Front Runner: A horse who usually leads the field for as far as he can.


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Correct Weight Winners and Placers must be weighed at the conclusion of a race to make sure that they ran at the weight that was set. Required before bookmakers and tote will settle bets. Course Specialist A horse that has a favourable record at a particular track.

Daily Double Two nominated races that offer a dividend greater than that which would be received were a punter to pick the winners of those races individually. Daily Treble Same as Daily Double, only this time three races are involved. Dead A track condition term indicating a soft track, which is one grade below good. Drift A term used for a horse that sees its odds increase prior to the race. Each Way Betting on a horse to either win or place.

Emu A person who will retrieve discarded tickets, especially after a protest regarding the outcome of a race has been lodged, since many punters will throw a ticket away after a race if they think the outcome is final. Thankfully people using an online bookmaker do not have to worry about the emu and hopefully it will become extinct.

Exacta Bet type where the finishers must run 1st and 2nd in the exact punter selected order in order to be a winner, hence the name. Exotics A bet type that is anything other than a Win or Place. Exotics include the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta or Quaddie. False Favourite A horse favoured to win a race even though it does not justify the tag. Fav backer A term reserved for punters who only invest their money on the favourites in any particular race.

A degrading term that suggests the punter has little knowledge. Feature Race The race with the highest status on the card. The feature race is sometimes named after the day ie. Caulfield Cup day, Melbourne Cup day and is the main race. Look at our feature race calendar. Fixed Odds Bet type where once the punt is on, the dividend is fixed, meaning fluctuations are irrelevant. However, if horses are withdrawn from the race deductions are made from your final dividend.

Flat Race A term used for a race which has no jumps, hurdles or obstacles in the race. Fluctuation Odds move up and down as betting on an event intensifies or dissipates. Many bookmakers offer a betting incentive known as Top Fluc or Top Tote, which means you get the best of all three plus the starting price. Fresh A horse that is returning after having an extended spell away from racing.

Front Runner A horse that prefers to lead and kick on in front of the other horses in the field. Furlong Traditional measure of distance in a race prior to the metric system. Although it is an antiquated system the term Furlong is still used in racing today.

Gelding Male horses that have been castrated to help them focus on racing exclusively. Handicap Weight assigned to a horse in order to level the playing field. Horses who are not as well known or have not performed well in the past will get a much lighter weight while a gun horse will carry a much heavier load.

Head A measurement of distance on a final margin. Heavy Track Typically a heavier track comes about from inclement weather. Very wet and slow racing conditions. IWAC or In With a Chance A term used by bookies to denote an outsider or a horse not the betting frame that they believe has the potential to win the race.

Knocked Up A term used when a horse runs out of gas and stops running at an optimal speed. Late Mail Information just prior to the jump concerning scratches, jockey changes and track conditions, or a final fluctuation in the odds. Late Scratching A term used for a horse that is scratched on the day of the race, typically once the race has already begun.

Lay A wager on something not to happen. A lay bet can be put on a horse not to win, or not to place in a race. Length The margin of victory or defeat in a race. Refers to the entire length of the course. Lengthen When a horse begins to hit full stride and goes past its opposition. Maiden A horse that has never won a race. Also refers to a race where all the entrants are yet to win a race.

Middle Distance A race that is longer than a sprint, but shorter than a staying race, generally considered as all races of at least 1, metres and not over 2, metres. Mounting Yard The area in which horses are paraded around so punters can have a look at the condition the horses are in. Also where the jockeys climb aboard. Mudlark A horse that performs above expectations on wet and heavy tracks, or in the rain. Mug Punter A term reserved for someone who has no idea what they are doing.

Also someone who fails to take the advice of Horsebetting. Near-Side The left-hand side of the horse that is used by the jockey for mounting and dismounting. The right-hand side is called the Off-side. Nose Smallest margin of victory or defeat. Oaks Many races are called by Oaks combined with some descriptive term indicating the place or time a race is held that is run under stakes conditions for three-year-old fillies.

On The Bob When two horses are neck and neck at the post and a runner lunges at the right time to win. Pacifier A device worn on the head by horses that protects the eyes and also helps high-spirited thoroughbreds to calm down. Paddock Place at the race course where horses are saddled prior to a race. Parlay A cumulative bet where winnings are carried forward to the next race or some other race. Requires the punter to pick two or more runners to win or place. Photo Finish When a race is so tight that a winner cannot be determined from the real-time footage alone, the result will go to a photo finish, which is a print of the finish line as the horses cross.

Place A place bet is an investment on a horse to finish in the top three in a field of eight or more horses. In a field of 7 or fewer runners, a horse must finish second in order to place. The prices I used to get totals above are of Supertab. Other's have 2 or 1 bet per race.

You can see above where I say 7 bets, that is 7 horses, each way bets, win and place. Click Here To Download Now. Find out more watch the video Click. If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now? Refund Policy. We, as a merchant, provide both products goods and services information to our customers. Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information.

It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results.

What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full. If merchandise or products are ordered through a Direct Mail advertisement or via the Internet, the guarantee, if any, is included in the mailing, promotion or service description. Make sure the horses are 50 plus in rating. Click Here for More. Watch the Video and You will see What it Does. Just after I did the video a nice Multi Bet. Top 3. Best Odds Range: last 12 days of racing in December Australia.

The Odds range we looked at were: Odds. This software will have almost all Australia races available to rate. Or to have form at your finger tips! All the form and fields, at your finger tips.