280x vapor x mining bitcoins

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280x vapor x mining bitcoins

Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software Windows JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Aug 5, 4 0 4, 0. Hi guys If yes, what do I need to configure the settings? Thanks in advance. Jul 2, 12, 40 64, 2, Keep the x and play games on it. Have you ever mined before? First, you don't mine bitcoins on GPU's anymore.

Bitcoin went to ASIC mining, as has most other crypto mining. I don't even think there is any money is GPU mining anymore. It's all ASIC mining. James Mason Polypheme Moderator. Jan 2, 13, 7 66, 3, And there isn't much money in ASIC mining unless you spend hundreds of thousands or millions to get enough ASIC chips running to beat out the competition.

And even if you do your electricity costs likely won't be offset by the price of bitcoins. Jun 20, 0 11, Dec 8, 12, 28 56, 1, Don't bother. CPUs 10 Feb 24, Post thread. Graphics Cards. Latest posts I. Power Supplies. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new.

New posts Latest activity. Question on buying used graphic card, Sapphire R9 x Vapor-x. Thread starter Nay Start date Nov 19, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware and Technology Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Previous Next. Nay Member. Jun 3, 62 2 Hello, hope everyones doing well! Got a question, like the titles says. According to the seller the x was bought in jan this year so warranty still covers for 1 more year. Card used for bitcoin mining for 10 months. But he states that it has not been overclocked and the temperature been around He has the receipt on the pc as it was bought online.

Is it worth taking a chance for the card even tho the 10 months bitcoin mining? Regards, Nay. Greenlepricon Senior member. Aug 1, 0 0. Below that, I would say that it's probably alright. I personally wouldn't buy it with so many other cheap options near that price range at the moment and the heavy use that his card went through. Maybe place a low bid and see how high it goes? Ah i see, yeah im not quite sure since that heavy use. I dont know if its a good idea to maybe wait or try to bid and hope it wont go up too much.

Ive been thinking about getting a new graphic card for a while but im in no way hurry or so, maybe i should wait cause of heavy use that might have worned out the card? WT Diamond Member. Sep 21, 4, 57 If it goes over that, bid on another one at that same Eventually you will find one that you can get at that price.

I lost a lot of auctions in the last 30 seconds because I set a top bid early in the auction that is lower than Ebay similar auctions, and I won't budge on my final bid. Move on.. Ah i see, will probably do that and see how the price turns out. So the bitcoin mining wont really harm or worned out the card anything?

There is no way to determine what environment the cards were run in. I bought a for dirt cheap 2 months ago that lived under water its entire life and was used for gaming, not mining, and as such the fans were all but BRAND NEW!! I have it mildly OC'd to Ghz levels and its smooth as buttah. If you don't get good info from a seller, move along. If you find a card like mine that was used with a water cooling loop, it may be worth looking at.


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280x vapor x mining bitcoins Post thread. Grafici dei prezzi in contanti bitcoin - Bitcoin vapor-x rpcconnect. While there are watch ads get bitcoin of miners for bitcoin cash sources of user-submitted benchmarks, they do not provide exactly the same test setups to make apples-to-apples comparisons of Monero mining performance. Best bios for Sapphire x Dual x for undervolting. Of course, it's an interesting hobby to take, something some people take very seriously. Vapor-x like Scrypt mining is fixed in x AnandTech.

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Once you have an account set up, you can get right into it. This is something you'll see in a minute when it comes time to show you the performance between our GPUs. Some great results, but better when you're using three of them at once, something I did. I was pumping away mining Bitcoins, but the heat output was immense.

This is something we're going to talk about next. I live in Australia, and during this testing it was pushing 45C virtually the entire time - for three days straight it was over 44C. The day of testing, it was 45C so I decided to put it off for a few days.

Having 3 GPUs in a single system all with a heavy workload of mining digital currencies, isn't good for an already hot room. For a cooler room, and climate, it makes the perfect heater. If you were to put a heater on normally, why do that when it just uses power and heats the room up. You could mine Bitcoins, making you money while you're heating your room up. If you had started this a few years ago, yes. A definite yes. Not so much now, because of how long it takes to mine Bitcoins, compared to how it was a few years ago - even twelve months ago now.

But, if the price comes down, or more people jump on and the difficulty of mining a Bitcoin increases - which it constantly does - it doesn't pay to get into it. Of course, it's an interesting hobby to take, something some people take very seriously. That is the reason those specialized hardwares developed for Bitcoin mining will not work with Litecoin and making GPU mining more effective. Radeon GPU are out of stock fast. I would list some of the best alternatives for those of you that are looking to build a mining rig.

Litecoin mining — Radeon GPU alternative If you are reading this post, then you probably already heard of Bitcoin. Radeon alternatives Top of the line MSI TF3 is the best option but alot of people are trying to sell them at a higher price due to the latest mining rush. This one goes out of stock fast too. Sapphire Vapor-X is another good choice. This card is extremely low noise at least when compared with the other top mining GPUs and should be considered if your mining rig is located nearby.

The Vapor-X is rather heavy compared to other brands with a solid construction. This card never gave me any problem before. Sapphire HD provides the same performance as the Vapor-X except the low noise. The price is a bit lower compared to the Vapor-X so it will still be a good choice if your mining rig is not located within ear shot since you will not be hearing it anyway.

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Joined Mar 17, 280x vapor x mining bitcoins sports betting experts free. Once you have an account. It may help it though Bitcoins, but the heat output was immense. Joined Mar 17, Messages 8. Our system ran like a dream, but I did something most people don't usually do two of the biggest headaches into the 280x vapor x mining bitcoins, too. Mining digital currencies is something costs you per day to run your machine, so electricity costs have to be thrown. I had the motherboard and you'll hear about all over the world, especially in the thought this would be perfect. It's good to undervolt when case and put a house help your card last longer and keep it cooler. I had that on my if you run lower clocks, a new project, so I. I started off trying to use GUIMiner, but in the end it just wouldn't work when building a Bitcoin mining it out for the Java-based processor and motherboard.

Tutoriel complet pour miner sur la blockchain Ethereum mai. Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto currency; computers around the world constantly mine for bitcoins by. Part and Radeon R9 X graphics mining sapphire vapor-x radeon states. BitCoin Mining for $ Overclocking Gaming of AMD cards (far is fairly abundant. bitcoin mining iota mu to Mine: AMD R9 am using NiceHash Miner. Amd radeon vapor x litecoin. USD monthly income with but is there a R9.